Lary Hostel & Lary Apartment

We have 30 seats of which 2 double rooms, 2 rooms with 4 beds ( equipped with bathroom ) and 1 rooms with 2 beds . The price varies between 45 RON and 65 RON.

Real backpackers choose LARY  HOSTEL because they know they will have the super time of their travel.

We're are the only place where you - as a backpacker - can get accommodation, guided tours to the UNESCO World Heritage painted monasteries, comfortable beds, all you can eat breakfast (natural, home made stuff, vegetables from the garden).

LARY HOSTEL may not be centrally located, on the edge of the city, but you feel as if you are in the country in this peaceful, spacious and ultra-modern two-floor house.

The comfort of the spacious, brand new  rooms and the wonderful view of the surrounding hills crossed by the River Suceava, contribute to the warm and relaxing atmosphere offered by a stay here.

On the outside of the house there is courtyard, a dining area with a barbecue surrounded by flowers and green trees and a private vegetable garden and don't forget that may includes a full breakfast based on natural products straight from the village nearby orchard.

Come and experience Romania with your own eyes, choose Suceava for the 500 years old painted monasteries which are now UNESCO CULTURAL WORLD HERITAGE!

Expect for a lot more services from LARY HOSTEL!

We can pick you up from anywhere around Moldavia area and drive you anywhere. Just let us know which your plans are!

We look forward for welcoming you!

Certificat clasificare nr. 12956/11.08.2009

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